Feigin: D-League affiliate will have “serious” nickname

MILWAUKEE — While the Milwaukee Bucks have yet to finalize a host city for their future NBA Development League franchise, team president Peter Feigin believes the team will not have a cutesy nickname.

“[The D-League team] is a direct brand extension,” Feigin said Sunday on “The Neighborhood.” “…We’re going to be awfully serious about what the connection is. This will not be the [American Hockey League’s] Albany River Rats; this will not be interesting — [International League’s] [Toledo] Mud Hens. This will be…something that’s true and authentic.”

The Bucks have set a soft deadline of mid-September for when they’d like to name a finalist for the affiliate’s host city. It would then go to the NBA for league approval, which is a streamlined process based on the number of times they’ve gone through the process before. By the 2017 season, the Bucks hope to have that team fully functioning as their D-League franchise.

Feigin said there are no team names currently in discussion for whichever city ends up hosting the Bucks’ affiliate, but joked that they’re running out of time to think of one.

There are now three finalists in the running for Milwaukee’s D-League affiliate, and although Feigin didn’t specify, the likely candidates are Oshkosh, Racine, and Sheboygan.

Sheboygan a strong contender for Bucks affiliate site

MILWAUKEE — The city of Sheboygan should be considered a strong contender to host a future Milwaukee Bucks NBA Development League team, given its proximity to Milwaukee and ownership group.

As the Bucks aim to announce a host city for their D-League affiliate by September, team president Peter Feigin praised the efforts being made by Lakefront Jewel Group to potentially host a team. In a Sunday interview on “The Neighborhood,” Feigin specifically mentioned former Bucks player and assistant coach Joe Wolf, who leads the charge for LJG in reconstructing the Armory.


While each city hoping to make a bid for the Bucks affiliate was required to fill out a privacy agreement, it’s no surprise Sheboygan is in the running, considering the connection with Wolf. He has experience coaching in the Continental Basketball Association (2004-2006) and the D League (2006-2008), as well as the NBA as an assistant coach (2008-present).

Wolf posted a number of renderings on Twitter of what the Armory could look like once the renovation project is completed.




Other cities reported to be in the hunt for a new Bucks D League team include Racine and Oshkosh, while La Crosse was ruled out last weekend.

Davis: All-Time Semi-Pro TD record starts with balance

He knelt down in the end zone with ball in hand, calmly reflecting upon himself and his 13 seasons of semi-professional football. As the whistle blew and the referee’s hands went up, it became clear | Reggie Davis had made history. He was now the sole record-holder with 122 career touchdowns.


There was no need to boast on the night of July 29 when the Madison Wolves receiver and Madison police officer hauled in two touchdowns in a 42-34 win over the Waukesha Raiders. The legacy Davis had built was a product of the heart he put into the game since he was a youngster.

Davis experienced unrest earlier in life than most. For many years of his childhood living on Madison’s east side, he witnessed his father using and selling drugs while his mother worked multiple jobs to help support Davis and his brother, Chris. His father’s involvement with drugs led to jail time but he began selling again upon his release. A drug deal gone wrong resulted in a strike to the back of the head, leaving him paralyzed on his entire right side. He’s been in a nursing home for the last 11 years.

Davis yearned for structure and consistency, something he found early on when he began playing football in middle school. He started as a cornerback and playing solely on the defensive side of the ball. But by the time he got to high school, he realized he was made to be a wide receiver.

“I noticed how big my hands were,” Davis recalled. “I had these big hands and then I was starting to realize how well I could catch the football.”

As a senior, Davis was named to the All-Big 8 Conference list, but he wasn’t done there.

He continued his education at the University of Wisconsin | Platteville, where he would be named to the All-Star Game roster his senior year and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in communications. Davis translated that degree into a radio broadcasting job as a disc jockey at WKPO | FM in Janesville.

Davis would pursue his football career in the semi-pros with various stints in La Crosse, Racine, and Milwaukee, all while driving back and forth from Janesville and Madison. He made his arrival back to the state’s capital permanent in 2004 when he moved in with his now-wife Andrea. He’d begin his semi-pro career the following year with the Madison Seminoles before the team eventually became known as the Madison Mustangs. At 28 years old in 2008, Davis had what he calls his greatest season ever: 32 receptions, 756 yards and 17 touchdowns. That despite playing in only 11 games as a part-time player.

2009 was perhaps the most physically-demanding year of his career. Davis played for the CIFL’s Madison Wolfpack, scoring 16 touchdowns in 13 games before also playing for the Mustangs in the same season. Davis would log 13 touchdowns in 10 games.

2009 was also a mentally challenging year for Davis, maintaining his relationship with Andrea while trying to join the Madison Police Department. A year later, he would accomplish that goal where he’s been protecting Madison’s west side ever since.

Davis found balance between the chaotic schedule of an officer and football player, which produced stability and further success.

In his seven seasons with the Mustangs, Davis would help generate five league championships, be named an All-American in 2009 and win three offensive MVP awards.

Michael Gilbertson (85), Ryan Aschaker (41), and Reggie Davis (81) on the sidelines late during an Ironman Football League game in 2010
Michael Gilbertson (85), Ryan Aschaker (41), and Reggie Davis (81) on the sidelines late during an Ironman Football League game in 2010


As he inched closer to the semi-pro record he would set in 2016, Davis learned what would become a very important term: anticipation.

“That’s what makes a quarterback good or bad,” Davis said via text message. “That’s why Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning are and were great because they threw the ball before [the] receiver made their moves.”

That anticipation guided him throughout his 13 seasons of semi-professional football, earning him all-star accolades in four different leagues (North American Football League, Ironman Football League, MidStates Football League, and Gridiron Football League).

As he reflected on his record-setting career on the football field, Davis realized the structure he craved is what created the opportunity to protect and serve.

“I got my job as a police officer because I played for the Madison Mustangs. When I got hired, they knew who I was because of the Madison Mustangs.”

However, the 2016 regular season is over for the Madison Wolves and they’ll begin the playoffs Saturday night against the Midway Marauders at Ahuska Park in Monona. In what could be Davis’ final game, the idea of retirement isn’t one he’s afraid to think about.

Is there another season in Davis’ future?

“I would say most likely not,” Davis stated confidently. “But it’s a playoff [game] and right now is time to just let it all loose and play every game like it’s my last.”

LISTEN: Bucks to name D-League site by end of August

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Bucks plan to finalize a site for their future NBA Development League affiliate by the end of August, according to team president Peter Feigin.


Feigin noted that roughly 12 cities in Wisconsin were in consideration to host an affiliate team, but they have yet to finalize a team name or location.

It was reported Tuesday night that La Crosse has been ruled out as a potential city to host a future team, mainly due to distance.

During a discussion on “The Neighborhood” back in June, Feigin revealed that the future site for a D-League affiliate had to be within two hours of Milwaukee for the team to consider it. That city would also be required to already have a facility to play in or one with plans already in place to build one.

General manager John Hammond told WTMJ radio in Milwaukee that  they plan on having a team within one year, but Feigin says that’s a bit optimistic.

“We’re at the initial stages,” Feigin said back in June. “…What we’ll do in probably four weeks’ time is narrow down that list to about two or three prospective towns and then really get into the nitty gritty of…really starting development with the hope of getting a team up and running within two years.”

Feigin: “Little traction” to Westbrook trade

MADISON, Wis. — Speaking exclusively with The Wisconsin Sports Zone Network Sunday morning, Milwaukee Bucks president Peter Feigin said an offer was made to Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook, but that it never gained much traction.

Milwaukee’s current point guard, Michael Cater-Williams, averaged 11.5 points per game in 2015, down about five points per contest (16.7) from his rookie season with the Philadelphia 76ers. His assist numbers were down as well, from 6.3 per game to 5.2. His ineffectiveness to combine assists with shooting in the 2015-16 campaign led to discussion MCW would be traded, only to have rumors fly that he wouldn’t be leaving Milwaukee.

The Bucks have since explored other options at point guard, namely Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook, a five-time All-Star with the Thunder. At 27 years old, Westbrook led the NBA last season with 18 triple doubles. Feigin says Milwaukee discussed the possibility of bringing Westbrook in, but the discussions never turned into a contract offer.

“When [a potential trade] becomes very substantial and real, we circle up the business side, the ownership side, and the basketball side and all give it a quick, hard thought. It didn’t get to that level, so I think the Westbrook rumors were…the second [Kevin] Durant left, you were going to get Westrbook rumors.”

Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City for Golden State, signing a two-year contract worth $54.3 million with a player option after the first season.

Feigin wouldn’t say what Milwaukee’s initial offer was to acquire Westbrook, but early reports suggest it may have been Jabari Parker and/or Khris Middleton.

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Did “The Bachelorette” producers dramatize Rodgers angle?

Producers may have embellished facts related to “The Bachelorette” contestant Jordan Rodgers and his relationship with brother and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

A former college friend of Jordan Rodgers tells me it’s unlikely Rodgers and his brother Aaron have a bad relationship.

During this week’s show, Jordan advanced and is now one of four contestants remaining to earn the love of Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher. That means she’ll be introduced to Rodgers’ family, but the former Vanderbilt quarterback says his brother Aaron wouldn’t be involved and he may not even know Jordan is involved with the show.

Here was the exchange when JoJo learned the former NFL MVP wouldn’t attend the gathering:

Jordan: “And, um, my middle brother won’t be there.”

JoJo: “And that’s Aaron? Okay. Why?”

Jordan: “It’s just kind of the way he’s chosen to do life. And uh, I chose to stay close with my family and my parents and my brother, and, um, yeah, it’s just, it’s not ideal. And I love him, and I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in his shoes and have the pressure he has and the demands from people that he has. Don’t have hard feelings against him, it’s just how things go right now.”

JoJo: Does he know that you’re doing this?

Jordan: “I don’t think so.”

JoJo: “So you guys don’t talk at all.”

Jordan: “Nah, not really.”

JoJo: “Really. I’m sorry.”

Jordan: That’s okay.”

That source close to “The Bachelorette” contestant doesn’t feel Jordan is the kind of person to be jealous of another player’s career or to hold a grudge for choosing the life of an NFL quarterback.

Producers of the show may have taken some liberties to edit the footage in a way that paints a picture of an unstable relationship between Jordan and his older brother. Other sources have noted, however, that Aaron’s family is rarely seen around Green Bay, which could back up the assertion that he’s alienated himself from the rest of the Rodgers family.