The Ahman Green Show: Dec. 13, 2019

Game Preparation (0:00)

Communicating in Sports & Life (15:46)

Q & A’s with Ahman (25:03)

Trash Talkers & Divas (38:55)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Sound Lounge Fun

JT Heisman snub (0:00)

Bags & Bears (9:33)

Badgers Insider RJ Brachman (18:29)

Madison Capitols (37:11)

Ahman’s Packers prediction (46:17)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Bears…& Badgers suck

Cutler vs. Trubisky (0:00)

Badgers basketball woes (11:08)

Bears-Packers (24:31)

Fights/shots (30:24)

Packers Insider Rob Reischel (46:03)


Joe & Ebo Experience: Air Monarch

Who’s to blame (0:00)

Badgers Hockey Insider Barry Richter (11:54)

Wade Miley townie (25:38)

New sports law (38:13)

LaFraud (46:49)

Digs (55:49)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Heisman snub

Home field advantage (0:00)

Former Wisconsin Badgers offensive lineman Billy Nagy (9:57)

Rodgers’ ability (26:54)

WOZN reporter Tony Cartagena (39:20)

Tuesday’s with Bernie (47:50)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Smellin’ roses

Badgers Insider RJ Brachman (0:00)

Wisconsin wrestling coach Chris Bono (11:22)

Bucks winning streak (21:45)

Sports Director Zach Heilprin (30:45)

Rodgers declining (45:36)

The Ahman Green Show: Dec. 6, 2019

Chugging beer & Lambeau in December (0:00)

Washington Redskins running backs (15:18)

Playing special teams (23:18)

Packers-Redskins prediction (39:48)

Joe & Ebo Experience: The Last Gulp

Chug a beer (0:00)

Retiring early (11:11)

Action Zone picks (21:13)

Badgers Insider RJ Brachman (30:18)

Kent Sterling from CBS Sports Indianapolis (46:08)

Fantasy Zone: Week 14

Every Thursday from 9 to 10am Joe & Ebo breakdown the upcoming fantasy football weekend. The duo covers everything from quarterbacks to tight ends on who to start and who to sit. The Fantasy Zone even goes in-depth covering sleepers, the waiver wire, as well as “Studs” and “Duds”.

If you play fantasy football, you won’t want to miss The Fantasy Zone before the games kickoff each weekend!

Joe & Ebo Experience: No Guarantees

French fry sides (0:00)

Packers-Redskins matchup (7:37)

Rodgers scenarios (22:32)

Brewers trade (31:34)

Packers Insider Rob Reischel (40:36)

WOZN reporter Tony Cartagena (54:49)