The Camp: Aug. 14, 2017

Matt and Zach talk about the football series between Wisconsin and Notre Dame, the impact of Jack Cichy’s injury and whether he should try for a sixth-year of eligibility, and answer your Twitter questions.

1:35 to 4:01 — Notre Dame has struggled recently but it’s still Notre Dame.

6:55 to 8:19 — Matchup would be more fun at Camp Randall and Notre Dame Stadium

8:41 to 12:57 — Alternate uniforms for Wisconsin/Notre Dame games

14:42 to 24:26 — Should Jack Cichy pursue a 6th year of eligibility? And Bernie talks about how he handled a season-ending injury his senior year.

27:54 to 28:51 — Bernie on the time a teammate crashed his moped and went flying through the window of a car.

34:29 to 46:51 — Twitter questions