Joe & Ebo’s Leftovers: 2 16 18 Show Recap

We recap the Badger’s big win over Purdue last night and take on the the haters who didn’t like the court storming.

We take on our DBag list and Danny’s obsession with trying to put Ebo on it.

And the NBA All-Star game… who ya got?

We’ll see you Monday from 6 to 10 on the Joe & Ebo Show.

Joe & Ebo’s Leftovers: 2/2/18 Show Recap

Big stage, big game, big entertainment… we look at the final game of the season and who will be crowed champions of the NFL and everything that goes with it.

The Badgers basketball team continues to make us very sad.

And some of our best sports memories we’d all love to re-live in honor of Groundhog’s Day.

We’ll see you on Monday on the Joe & Ebo Show from 6 to 10.