Wisconsin unveils new Under Armour football uniforms

MADISON | The Wisconsin football team unveiled their new uniforms on Thursday night, and as expected they don’t differ a ton from what fans have grown accustomed to seeing every Saturday. The bright colors and unique styles that their new provider Under Armour has become known for were nowhere to be found. Instead, save for a few minor alterations, the home uniform keeps Wisconsin’s traditional look.

The most symbolic aspect of the new uniforms comes in the form of an arrow built into the stripes of the pants, jerseys and helmet. The idea is backed with a patch near the base of the jersey that says “Forever Forward,” a play on the state’s motto of “Forward.”

Some of the other minor changes from what Wisconsin wore a year ago under adidas include a different and less edgy font for the numbers, moving the motion “W” from the back of the jersey to the front and adding the Under Armour logo to the left chest.

The new uniforms are the result of Wisconsin having signed a 10-year, $96 million deal with Under Armour to outfit all their teams last October, and it went into effect on July 1 . The $9.6 million per year average puts the Badgers among the top 10 athletic departments in the country.