The Ahman Green Show: Jan. 16, 2020

Packers-Seahawks Recap (0:00)

Rematch Mindset (14:34)

Early Retirement & Hall of Fame (23:21)

Game Predictions (37:49)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Green Bay’s Gauntlet

Arcades & Malls (0:00)

Badgers Hockey Insider Barry Richter (7:42)

Big Mike in Big D (23:34)

Russell Wilson breakdown (32:03)

Concerns & Positives for the weekend (40:03)

Spicy Rodgers debate (51:05)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Dirty Birds

Rooting interest (0:00)

Seahawks-Packers matchup (8:04)

Dangerous Seahawks (23:39)

WOZN reporter Tony Cartagena (37:40)

Tuesday’s with Bernie (46:33)

The Ahman Green Show: 11/16 18

Joe & Ebo are joined by Ahman Green from 7:30a to 8:00a every Friday to discuss the Green Bay Packers. He will be sharing his insight on the Green and Gold by helping breakdown games from the point of view of a former player.


Segment 1: Packers start fast, but can’t overcome setbacks in loss to Seattle (0:00)

Segment 2: Ahman on Aaron Jones’ use in the 2nd half (12:11)

Segment 3: How often do plays get changed at the line?(21:41)

The Armchair Quarterbacks: 11/15/18

Listen to our very own Joe Miller and Rob Reischel of BobMcGinnFootball and Forbes¬†every Thursday night from 5 to 5:30pm as these “Armchair Quarterbacks” breakdown the Green Bay Packers week by week!

Segment 1: Packers/Dolphins recap and critical fans on Aaron Jones’ use (0:00)

Segment 2: What is this Packers team?(830)

Segment 3: Packers/Seahawks predictions (15:30)