Joe & Ebo Experience: Free agent frenzy

Losers: Ted Thompson (0:00)

Bye bye Clay (15:35)

Packers Insider Rob Reischel (25:08)

The reign of Theodore (40:09)

Joe offends the elderly (52:02)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Hot Takes. Cold Temps.

The Return of Janis (0:00)

Badgers Hockey Insider Barry Richter (19:25)

Packers Insider Rob Reischel (30:29)

Brewers 3:1 Odds (45:40)

The Armchair Quarterbacks: 9/27/18

Listen to our very own Joe Miller and Rob Reischel of BobMcGinnFootball and Forbes every Thursday night from 5 to 5:30pm as these “Armchair Quarterbacks” breakdown the Green Bay Packers week by week!

Segment 1: The guys reflect on the Packers/Redskins game and another hit on the QB. (0:00)

Segment 2: Rob goes in-depth on the Packers roster moves and RB situation. (8:52)

Segment 3: The duo give their predictions for the upcoming game against the Buffalo Bills. (16:15)