The Joe & Ebo Experience: Highly Successful

MADISON| First of all, let me just state the facts: Mike McCarthy is a highly successful NFL head coach.

Whew, that felt good typing that. How Greg Jennings can think Big Mike is the problem in Green Bay is beyond me. Wasn’t that the same guy that was cut by the Vikings and Dolphins? Oh yeah, it was.

Anyways, we talked some Bucks vs. Brewers when it comes to winning in their divisions, Peyton Manning’s pretty funny and it sounds like Mark Murphy wants Ted Thompson to stick around in Green Bay until the end of time.

Today on the Joe & Ebo Experience:

Peyton’s Got Jokes (0:00)

Brewers Vs. Bucks (7:41)

Impressive Feat (18:22)

Mark <3’s Ted (29:30)

Rob Reischel On Packers (37:05)

Greg Jennings Sips Haterade (50:17)

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The Joe & Ebo Experience: #NotMyRebuild vs. #EmbraceTheRebuild

MADISON| Your Milwaukee Brewers are in first place, but we still debate.

Yeah, that’s right, got some solid rhymes on a Monday. What else is solid is the Crew entering the All-star break in first place in the NL Central and looking real good.

Joe and I view the Brewers rebuild differently, but there’s one hashtag we can agree on: #AboveTheDash. Basically, you look for that dash that separates playoff teams from non-playoff teams, and the Brewers are #AboveTheDash, baby.

We also talk a little Ultimate Dbag Bracket as we get to the finals, Mike McCarthy is disrespected by some jabroni and R.J. comes back from New York to talk Wisconsin football.

Today on the Joe & Ebo Experience:

Hashtag Debate (0:00)

Let Me Explain Myself (18:02)

The Dbag Finals (31:14)

A Highly Successful NFL HC (35:02)

RJ Comes Home (46:06)

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