The Camp: Aug. 14, 2017

Matt and Zach talk about the football series between Wisconsin and Notre Dame, the impact of Jack Cichy’s injury and whether he should try for a sixth-year of eligibility, and answer your Twitter questions.

1:35 to 4:01 — Notre Dame has struggled recently but it’s still Notre Dame.

6:55 to 8:19 — Matchup would be more fun at Camp Randall and Notre Dame Stadium

8:41 to 12:57 — Alternate uniforms for Wisconsin/Notre Dame games

14:42 to 24:26 — Should Jack Cichy pursue a 6th year of eligibility? And Bernie talks about how he handled a season-ending injury his senior year.

27:54 to 28:51 — Bernie on the time a teammate crashed his moped and went flying through the window of a car.

34:29 to 46:51 — Twitter questions

Cashing in on College Athletics

MADISON, Wis — In March of 2014, sports attorney Jeffrey Kessler filed an antitrust claim against the NCAA arguing that their current model of limiting compensation for student athletes at the cost of a scholarship is against the law.

The point of this lawsuit is not to provide an alternative for the NCAA or to receive damages, but to end its practice of unfair labor and allow players to be offered more. That opens up the door for the NCAA and the Division I football and basketball programs to decide how they want to compensate the players, but because Kessler isn’t seeking damages, the NCAA will likely have to face the lawsuit head-on.

University of Wisconsin athletes Nigel Hayes and Alec James are named as plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit and hope to bring change to the NCAA model. Sports attorney Jeff Katz of Patterson Law Firm in Chicago is one of a handful of subjects in the report to predict a bleak forecast for the outcome of Kessler’s litigation. Hear from Kessler, Katz, and former Wisconsin athletes Matt Bernstein, Reggie Torian, and Brandon Williams by clicking the link to the audio below.



The Players


The Lawyers




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