Marquette: Figuring Out Ways to Lose

The Marquette Golden Eagles are a young, tough team that, sadly, finds ways to throw games away. Now 16-10, 5-8 in Big East Play, Marquette lost a tough one to Creighton Saturday and not even the winning coach was happy at how his team won. Creighton Head Coach Greg McDermott said his team played poorly; MU Head Coach Steve Wojciechowski wasn’t pleased either, evident in his remarks after the game.

“I know we have three freshmen and a sophomore whatever on the court at the end of the game, but 25 games in out of a timeout you have to try to do what we want to do and if it doesn’t work then that’s on me,” Wojciechowski said. “But you’ve got to try to do it. Not doing it is not acceptable.”

He’s talking about the final seconds of the game. After a timeout, with a two point lead, Wojciechowski has drawn up a play that would involve either Freshman Henry Ellenson or Junior Luke Fischer. But, the players on the court didn’t event attempt to run the play.

It vanished as soon as the ball came into play.

Marquette doesn’t get a shot, Creighton gets the ball, runs back down the court, pops a 3-pointer and that’s all she wrote for the Golden Eagles…after a few more miscues including another missed shot, a failed attempt at a rebound and then a foul.

Slim hopes to make the NCAA Tournament now and lots of Marquette faithful lamenting the possible leaving of Ellenson for the draft.