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Former Packers WR Greg Jennings says Brett Favre quit on the team in a 2007 game

Greg Jennings is at it again.

The former Green Bay Packers wide receiver, who has taken shots at quarterback Aaron Rodgers and coach Mike McCarthy in the past, turned his attention to Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre when he was on FS1’s ‘Undisputed’ on Wednesday.

While discussing Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott’s decision to say it didn’t matter who played running back with Ezekiel Elliott’s looming six-game suspension, Jennings referred back to a 2007 game against the Cowboys when Favre got knocked out early, allowing Rodgers a chance to show he could play at a high level. Jennings said, like Prescott, he gave words of encouragement to Rodgers while likely thinking he’d rather have Favre behind center. That’s when he veered off course.

“I’m going to be honest right now. I thought Brett quit on us,” Jennings said of Favre, who injured his elbow in the second quarter. “He [had] told me to shoot up [with painkillers] before. I’m (in my second year) now, so I didn’t say it, I’m thinking, ‘Man, just shoot up. Do something.’”

The 2007 season, which ended up being Favre’s last in Green Bay, came 11 years after he entered a drug rehab facility due to an addiction to pain killers.

As for Jennings, it could be argued that the three men he’s trained his focus on – Rodgers, McCarthy and Favre – were largely responsible for helping him the reach the heights he did.

In seven seasons playing with the Packers, he averaged 61 catches, 933 yards and eight touchdowns per year. In the other three seasons he played – two with Minnesota and one in Miami – Jennings averaged 48 catches, 585 yards and four touchdowns.

Aaron Rodgers responds to Greg Jennings’ criticism of Mike McCarthy

Aaron Rodgers has Mike McCarthy’s back.

Days after former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings blamed McCarthy for not having a killer instinct and intimated he was at fault for what has ailed the team, the quarterback came to his head coach’s defense in an interview with WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee.

“I think it’s important that when you’re thinking about comments coming from outside the facility, especially by people who haven’t been around the facility in a number of years, you’ve got to take that with a grain of salt,” the two-time NFL MVP said.

“We’re concerned with the opinions of our players and our coaching staff and our organization.”

Jennings, who has criticized Rodgers several times since leaving the team after the 2012 season, said the New England Patriots and coach Bill Belichick have the right mentality.

“I’m just going to flat-out say it: If we had a lead, our issue wasn’t the defense — our issue was Mike McCarthy,” Jennings said on FS1’s ‘Undisputed.’ “[McCarthy] would cuff us.

“When you watch New England play, when they have a lead, they go for your throat. They don’t relax.”

Rodgers, who claimed to not have heard Jennings’ comments, said his position on McCarthy has been pretty clear.

“He’s our leader and we follow his lead. We love Mike,” Rodgers said. “We believe in him, and he believes in us. So we’ve got his back.”

The Joe & Ebo Experience: Highly Successful

MADISON| First of all, let me just state the facts: Mike McCarthy is a highly successful NFL head coach.

Whew, that felt good typing that. How Greg Jennings can think Big Mike is the problem in Green Bay is beyond me. Wasn’t that the same guy that was cut by the Vikings and Dolphins? Oh yeah, it was.

Anyways, we talked some Bucks vs. Brewers when it comes to winning in their divisions, Peyton Manning’s pretty funny and it sounds like Mark Murphy wants Ted Thompson to stick around in Green Bay until the end of time.

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Former Green Bay wide receiver Greg Jennings announces his retirement

Greg Jennings is done being great. At least on the football field.

The former Green Bay Packers’ wide receiver announced his retirement on Monday in a video posted on Youtube.

“I’m done. I’m done. I’m excited to be done,” Jennings said. “The past 20 years of my life has been football but today that all changes.”

Jennings played 10 seasons in the league after being a second-round pick by the Packers in 2006. In his seven years in Green Bay, he caught 425 passes for 6,537 yards and 53 touchdowns, that last figure being the fifth-most in team history. He went on to play two seasons with the Minnesota Vikings and his final season with the Miami Dolphins.

The Western Michigan product was on the receiving end of some of the biggest passes in Packers’ history. He caught the touchdowns from Brett Favre that tied and broke the NFL’s career passing touchdowns record, while also catching two touchdowns, including the winning score, in Green Bay’s Super Bowl XLV victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“Physically, I know that I can do it. I can still play. I’m in shape. I’ve been training hard,” Jennings said. “But I feel as though I would be going backwards versus moving forward.”