Joe & Ebo Experience: Dalai Lama of Dingers

Dalai Lama of Dingers (0:00)

Owen Riese of Bucky’s 5th Quarter (17:19)

WOZN Sports Reporter Cody Grant (25:49)

Favorite to Win (37:30)

Hauser Brothers (52:00)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Wisconsin’s MVP

Face of Wisconsin sports (0:00)

Giannis still on the rise (10:50)

Packers Insider Rob Reischel (26:45)

Joe’s triggered (39:01)

More’s been revealed on the Packers (46:11)

Joe & Ebo Experience: What a weekend!

Badgers Insider RJ Brachman (0:00)

NFL win totals released (21:53)

WOZN reporter Cody Grant (33:43)

Ebo: jump or jail? (48:09)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Break the chain

Braun’s “misplaced” passport (0:00)

Canadian customs & chain restaurants (14:26)

The WORST chain restaurant (24:28)

The Gard debate (33:08)

Former Badger Zach Morely (45:00)

Packers/Bears (55:04)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Dancing again

Badgers are back (0:00)

Wisconsin Badgers Insider RJ Brachman (10:18)

Breaking down the Badgers draw (29:05)

Bucks outlook (44:45)

Joe & Ebo Experience: The show goes on

Jordy worth a look? (0:00)

D-bags broken down (21:14)

Badgers Insider RJ Brachman (37:56)

Former Badgers linebacker Ryan Connelly (44:57)

Breaking down the Brewers roster (52:29)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Disappoint & Rally

A win is a win (0:00)

Wisconsin Badgers Insider RJ Brachman (9:54)

Panic-mode (36:06)

Retire Clay (51:28)

Joe & Ebo Experience: A Wisconsin Epidemic

How many ways can you lose? (0:00)

Ebo takes a call (6:26)

Bottom of the barrel (10:08)

Sports Director Zach Heilprin (26:47)

A year ago today… (44:39)