Joe & Ebo Experience: The winning ticket

Let it ride or take the money? (0:00)

Wisconsin Badgers Insider RJ Brachman (16:37)

WOZN Sports Reporter Cody Grant (34:28)

Southern Twist (47:12)

Joe & Ebo Experience: What a weekend!

Badgers Insider RJ Brachman (0:00)

NFL win totals released (21:53)

WOZN reporter Cody Grant (33:43)

Ebo: jump or jail? (48:09)

Joe & Ebo Experience: No Joe. No Ebo.

Knebel’s UCL (0:00)

Who’s your starting 5?(11:46)

The rules of baseball (26:35)

No worries (Bucks) (42:39)

Sports Director Zach Heilprin (54:21)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Let the madness begin!

Badgers weekend expectations (0:00)

Bucks fading? (18:21)

Packers Insider Rob Reischel (31:27)

Badgers by double digits (44:18)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Dancing again

Badgers are back (0:00)

Wisconsin Badgers Insider RJ Brachman (10:18)

Breaking down the Badgers draw (29:05)

Bucks outlook (44:45)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Disappoint & Rally

A win is a win (0:00)

Wisconsin Badgers Insider RJ Brachman (9:54)

Panic-mode (36:06)

Retire Clay (51:28)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Kuhn’s first audition

What to believe? (0:00)

Wisconsin Badgers Insider RJ Brachman (17:27)

Kuhn wins an Oscar (39:28)

Joe saves souls (53:35)

Joe & Ebo Experience: A Wisconsin Epidemic

How many ways can you lose? (0:00)

Ebo takes a call (6:26)

Bottom of the barrel (10:08)

Sports Director Zach Heilprin (26:47)

A year ago today… (44:39)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Ja Ruled

Bucks win. Halftime show sucked (0:00)

WOZN Reporter Cody Grant (5:36)

Badgers Insider RJ Brachman (22:56)

Joe made the list (39:29)

ESPN comes to their senses (50:59)