SB 50, Favre Hits Hall & Newton Loses Nook

By Sean ‘Snuff’ Smith  Mon. Feb. 8, 2016  10:59 a.m.  CT
MADISON, Wisconsin —  Personally, I enjoyed the Super Bowl this year.  I get it, not much scoring from either Offense so some lost interest.  Also, the Commercials seemed to get worse as the Game got closer to its conclusion.  The two that stuck out for me were:  Doritos Ultrasound & the creepy Kickstarter Puppy-Monkey-Baby or something to that effect.  How about an awesome Brett Favre story as well?!?  Bill Michaels spent most of Super Bowl week in the Bay area and he shares his top storylines:  
Congrats to Peyton Manning on his second Vince Lombardi Trophy!
AP provided photo.