The Joe & Ebo Experience: Ahman Green makes his debut

0:00- Metallica giveaway, Scott takes, Brewers ‘luck’ with umpires

17:30- The Badgers pep talk & what the boys want to see tonight

25:14- Daily Action Zone

28:54- Ahman Green Show part I

42:09- Ahman Green Show part II

52:18- Ahman Green Show part III

1:04:34- RJ & Raphael join the show

1:21:23- Ahman Green Show part IV

1:35:01- Montee Ball joins the boys

1:43:03- Pep talk callers

1:48:58- Closing thoughts


The Joe & Ebo Experience: Fantasy Zone & Rodgers’ Contract

0:00- Brewers & Scott Takes

17:19-  Gone in 60

19:40- Daily Action Zone

22:03- Is the Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty for the Milwaukee Brewers?

32:49- How Many More Super Bowls Will the Green Bay Packers Win?

37:57- News of the Weird

42:45- Rob Reischel of Bob McGinn Football & Forbes

58:03- Fantasy Zone (Quarterbacks)

1:11:03- Fantasy Zone (Running Backs)

1:20:41- Fantasy Zone (Wide Receivers)

1:28:18- Fantasy Zone (Sleepers & Busts)