The Joe & Ebo Experience: Ahman Green makes his debut

0:00- Metallica giveaway, Scott takes, Brewers ‘luck’ with umpires

17:30- The Badgers pep talk & what the boys want to see tonight

25:14- Daily Action Zone

28:54- Ahman Green Show part I

42:09- Ahman Green Show part II

52:18- Ahman Green Show part III

1:04:34- RJ & Raphael join the show

1:21:23- Ahman Green Show part IV

1:35:01- Montee Ball joins the boys

1:43:03- Pep talk callers

1:48:58- Closing thoughts


The Joe & Ebo Experience: Fantasy Zone & Rodgers’ Contract

0:00- Brewers & Scott Takes

17:19-  Gone in 60

19:40- Daily Action Zone

22:03- Is the Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty for the Milwaukee Brewers?

32:49- How Many More Super Bowls Will the Green Bay Packers Win?

37:57- News of the Weird

42:45- Rob Reischel of Bob McGinn Football & Forbes

58:03- Fantasy Zone (Quarterbacks)

1:11:03- Fantasy Zone (Running Backs)

1:20:41- Fantasy Zone (Wide Receivers)

1:28:18- Fantasy Zone (Sleepers & Busts)



The Joe & Ebo Experience: Goodbye, Brett Hundley

0:00- Brewers loss & Scott takes

6:41- Gone in 60 & Brewers recap

11:28-  Packers Survivor pt. 1

17:52- Daily Action Zone

21:37- Packers Survivor pt. 2 & Jocko

40:35-News of the Weird

43:31- Khalil Mack & Brian Gutekunst

50:43- Gambling Gut Check

54:54- Brett Hundley News Breaks

59:00- The Boys React to the News

1:03:55- More Reaction

1:09:44- Closing Thoughts

Jimmy Nelson unlikely to pitch for Brewers in 2018

It’s likely that the Brewers will be without starting pitcher Jimmy Nelson for the entirety of the 2018 season, Milwaukee manager Craig Counsell said on Wednesday.

Nelson’s 2017 season was cut short due to a shoulder injury that occurred when he dove into first base during a game against the Chicago Cubs last September. He was Milwaukee’s best pitcher to that point in 2017, compiling a 12-6 record with a 3.49 ERA in 29 starts prior to his injury.

There was optimism earlier in 2018 that he would be available to pitch for the Brewers in 2018, as early as July. Obviously, that time has passed, and it’s unlikely Nelson will pitch at all for the Brewers this season as general manager David Stearns stated he is “running out of time.”

In July, Stearns told the media that it was unlikely that Nelson would pitch prior to the month of September. Nelson was cleared to throw breaking balls near the end of July as well.

At this point, the Brewers are expecting Nelson to be ready for the 2019 season.

Joe & Ebo Experience: Tipping Tips

0:00-8:52 – Openers and Scott Takes

8:52-14:30 – Gone in Sixty

14:30-20:15 | What are the Brewers doing with the infield? Zone Dunk Contest

20:15-30:36 | Position-less Baseball

30:36-31:29 – Will Joe beat the Quacker Tracker?

31:29-45:22 – Tipping tips

45:22-54:29 – Jersey Talk

54:29-58:10 – Nelson reveals his tipping habits

58:10-1:01:43 – News of the Weird

1:01:43-1:07:00 – Nelson claims to be god? More tipping incidents

1:07:00-1:10:34 – Action Zone

1:10:34-1:21:28 – Party School Rankings

1:21:28- GOAT of the Weekend

Joe & Ebo Experience: Vacation From Miller

0:00-17:59 – Opening thoughts, Fight Card, Scott Takes

18:00-25:36 – Gone in 60, Johnny Manziel

25:37- 28:49 – Daily Action Zone

28:50-39:44 – Badgers Talk, Schoop Talk

39:45-51:50 – News of the Weird

51:51-52:53 – LeBron vs. Trump

52:54-58:54 – Who’s the most important Packer behind Aaron Rodgers?

58:55-1:11:17- Sports Director Zach Heilprin

1:11:18-1:12:21- Pitching Machine or Matt Albers?

1:12:22-1:16:51- Best & Worst of the Weekend