Joe & Ebo’s Leftovers: 1/29/18 Show Recap

Are the Brewers done with trades and spending money on big name players or do they still need that arm to get them over the hump? We discuss.

In a crowded backfield, is Ryan Braun going to transition to the infield, and would that benefit the Brewers? Sounds like he’s a company man with his comments.

Finally, if the Badgers basketball team can’t make the NIT, would you want them to pay the 50k to be apart of the CBI? Ouch.

Happy Monday! See you tomorrow morning from 6 to 10 on the Joe & Ebo Show.

The Joe & Ebo Experience: The Brauner Grows

MADISON| As Ryan Braun returns to the Brewers lineup, we all hope Joe Miller left his sweatpants at home.

The Milwaukee Brewers get back their slugger in Ryan Braun and Joe’s Brauner, which has been dormant for a few weeks, comes back to creep out anyone and everyone who walks by the studio.

Today’s show is heavy on your first place Milwaukee Brewers, but also touches on the Packers and their injuries and we look at the Sweet 16 of the Ultimate DBag Bracket.

Today on the Joe & Ebo Experience:

He Returns (0:00)

Let The Hate Flow Through You (12:13)

The Stats Are Out There (25:59)

Man Up (40:29)

Dbag Sweet 16 (53:15)

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The Joe & Ebo Experience: You Just Made The List

MADISON| Corruption ran rampant today, but to quote the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase, everyone has a price.

Friday can only mean one thing on the Joe & Ebo Show… DBAG OF THE WEEK! I was nominated on Monday (for a very good reason, mind you), but I obtained something very valuable that I could use to my advantage.¬† Full disclosure, I’m not above bribing Joe Miller to get my way.

We also hit on the Ryan Braun gearing up for his return to the Brewers lineup, RJ talks Wisconsin with us and Vegas adjusted their college football lines.

Today on the Joe & Ebo Experience:

Corruption Runs Deep  (0:00)

Decisions, Decisions (6:58)


Case of the Brauners (24:57)

RJ Knows Wisconsin (30:54)

Wisco Odds (40:33)

Put Some Respek On Bucky’s Name (49:58)

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