Joe & Ebo Experience: Badgers stock rising

Wisconsin-Nebraska recap (0:00)

Badgers bowl predictions (13:28)

Packers/Badgers talk (22:53)

Sports Director Zach Heilprin (32:17)

Up-coming weekend betting lines (48:54)

Bucks finding their stride (58:12)



Joe & Ebo Experience: Annoying Wisconsin factoids

Best in the NFC (0:00)

Talking Badgers hockey with Barry Richter & associate head coach Mark Strobel (9:24)

Will Packers make a move? (26:48)

Annoying Wisconsin sports stuff (37:07)

More annoying (45:45)

Bucksetball (52:39)

Joe & Ebo Experience: A Wisconsin Epidemic

How many ways can you lose? (0:00)

Ebo takes a call (6:26)

Bottom of the barrel (10:08)

Sports Director Zach Heilprin (26:47)

A year ago today… (44:39)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Ja Ruled

Bucks win. Halftime show sucked (0:00)

WOZN Reporter Cody Grant (5:36)

Badgers Insider RJ Brachman (22:56)

Joe made the list (39:29)

ESPN comes to their senses (50:59)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Giannis hustles, AAF season kicks off

Mirotic Trade (0:00)

Giannis Hustled Lebron Theory (6:09)

NCAA to Change Rules (17:10)

Badgers Insider RJ Brachman (32:52)

Degenerate AAF Talk (49:34)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Surviving the tundra

Packers Survivor.. In January (0:00)

Bulaga or Matthews? (14:17)

Badgers Insider RJ Brachman (24:19)

 Super Bowl Prop Bets (37:03)

Possible (older) Packers Free Agents (45:42)