The Joe & Ebo Experience: The Bracket’s Released

MADISON| It’s the greatest time in all of sport… The Ultimate DBag Bracket!

We do a little thing called the “DBag of the Week” every Friday crowning the biggest jabroni of the week. We then save all those names for a year, whittle them down to 32 with our Selection Committee and put ’em to a vote to crown the biggest Dbag. What a time to be alive. Please, get your vote on now at

Besides the greatest tournament ever (as stated above), we talk about the Packers and which position we are least confident in, and a big thanks to Hop Haus for hopping on the show and bringing us their delicious beer.

Today on the Joe & Ebo Experience:

Least Confident In (0:00)

Sack Lunch (5:55)

Hop Haus Has The Hops (15:36)

The Bracket Is Up (25:39)

Vote And Vote Often (39:09)

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