Joe & Ebo Experience: R&R (Retirement/Resignation)

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Joe & Ebo Experience: Hot Takes. Cold Temps.

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Badgers Hockey Insider Barry Richter (19:25)

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Brewers 3:1 Odds (45:40)

Barry Richter: NHL Playoffs, Radiothon Wrap-up & Lil’ Sticks

By Sean ‘Snuff’ Smith  Mon. May 9, 2016  10:39 a.m. CT   
MADISON, Wisconsin  —  Our Badger Buddy, Barry, was up North in Minnesota for his Son’s Hockey Tourney this Weekend.  Ever wonder what the Families do on these Trips?  It was like going into a Time Machine and going back to the 70’s and 80’s when I was a little Guy!  Plus, his Business Hausmann-Johnson Insurance was a proud Sponsor of American Family Children’s Hospital Radiothon last Week.  Oh we even, caught up on the NHL Playoffs too!  Give it a Listen:    
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