The Joe & Ebo Experience: Ahman Green makes his debut

0:00- Metallica giveaway, Scott takes, Brewers ‘luck’ with umpires

17:30- The Badgers pep talk & what the boys want to see tonight

25:14- Daily Action Zone

28:54- Ahman Green Show part I

42:09- Ahman Green Show part II

52:18- Ahman Green Show part III

1:04:34- RJ & Raphael join the show

1:21:23- Ahman Green Show part IV

1:35:01- Montee Ball joins the boys

1:43:03- Pep talk callers

1:48:58- Closing thoughts


The Joe & Ebo Experience: Goodbye, Brett Hundley

0:00- Brewers loss & Scott takes

6:41- Gone in 60 & Brewers recap

11:28-  Packers Survivor pt. 1

17:52- Daily Action Zone

21:37- Packers Survivor pt. 2 & Jocko

40:35-News of the Weird

43:31- Khalil Mack & Brian Gutekunst

50:43- Gambling Gut Check

54:54- Brett Hundley News Breaks

59:00- The Boys React to the News

1:03:55- More Reaction

1:09:44- Closing Thoughts

The Joe & Ebo Experience: Packers Survivor

0:00- Brewers & Scott Takes

7:04- Gone in 60 & Packers Survivor

13:29- Packers WR Survivor

21:09- Daily Action Zone

24:52- News of the Weird

28:35- Vote of Packer Survivor

37:41- Badgers Playoff Hopes

43:48- Brewers Playoffs

50:14- Zach Heilprin

1:02:35- GOAT of the Weekend & Closing Thoughts

Joe & Ebo Experience: Vacation From Miller

0:00-17:59 – Opening thoughts, Fight Card, Scott Takes

18:00-25:36 – Gone in 60, Johnny Manziel

25:37- 28:49 – Daily Action Zone

28:50-39:44 – Badgers Talk, Schoop Talk

39:45-51:50 – News of the Weird

51:51-52:53 – LeBron vs. Trump

52:54-58:54 – Who’s the most important Packer behind Aaron Rodgers?

58:55-1:11:17- Sports Director Zach Heilprin

1:11:18-1:12:21- Pitching Machine or Matt Albers?

1:12:22-1:16:51- Best & Worst of the Weekend




Wednesday is decision day for Ethan Happ

Wisconsin forward Ethan Happ must have his formal decision on whether or not he will remain in the 2018 NBA Draft or return to school for his final year of eligibility.

Happ declared for the draft earlier this offseason however he did not hire an agent, making him eligible to return to school for his final year of eligibility. He was not invited to the 2018 NBA Combine, however he has had workouts with the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Los Angeles Lakers.

Happ has gone on record as saying that if he was not projected in the first round or early in the second round then he would return to school. He told the Detroit Free Press earlier this week that right now he is projected as a late-second round pick.

In the 2017-18 season Happ averaged 17.9 points, 8.0 rebounds, and 3.7 assists per game while being named second-team All-Big Ten.