The Camp: Nov. 6, 2017

On this week’s episode of the ‘The Camp,’ Matt and Zach look back at the win over Indiana, the injuries to Quintez Cephus and Chris Orr, debate whether a 13-0 Wisconsin team could get left out of the playoff, chat about what went wrong the last time the Badgers were 9-0 in 2004 and take your Twitter questions.

3:58 — Bernie loved him some Alec Ingold, who scored three touchdowns on Saturday

15:17 — Biggest negative of the Indiana game was easily the injuries to important players

17:35 — The impact of losses by Ohio State and Penn State on Wisconsin’s playoff hopes

22:50 — The point of playing football is to win. If the Badgers go 13-0, why should they be punished for doing something the likes of Clemson, Notre Dame and Oklahoma could not?

25:55 — What Big Ten team does Bernie like the least?

29:46 — “GIVE THE BALL TO BERNSTEIN!!!” — Donovan Raiola

37:36 — Bernie is a little nervous about Wisconsin’s secondary

43:42 — Who fills the void left by Quintez Cephus?

46:51 — Welcoming Iowa QB Nate Stanley back to Wisconsin

50:49 — Wisconsin’s never been 10-0. Bernie’s message to them? “Make history.”

The Camp: Oct. 30, 2017

On this week’s edition of ‘The Camp,’ Matt and Zach recap Wisconsin’s win at Illinois, talk about what the offense looked like without Jonathan Taylor and where the Badgers might fall in the first College Football Playoff rankings.

1:21 — Matt’s biggest positive: A lineman scored!

6:51 — Assessing Wisconsin’s offense without Jonathan Taylor

22:30 — Where will Wisconsin be come Tuesday night when the playoff rankings are released?

26:20 — Why Alex Hornibrook threw the ball where he did on his second-quarter interception.

29:20 — Is there the same negativity among former players that we’ve seen with the fan base despite the team being 8-0?

32:30 — What would Matt say to this year’s team after knowing what happened in 2004 following a 9-0 start?

38:27 — Matt tells a story about the time CB Brett Bell lost it on a graduate assistant

40:30 — Matt on his practice meltdown that had him throwing his helmet and threatening to beat up a coach.

44:00 — Is this team feeling stressed at 8-0?

50:35 — Wisconsin needs to start showing it’s not just the best team in the Big Ten West, but also a true challenger to whatever team comes out of the East.

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The Camp: Oct. 23, 2017

On this week’s episode of the ‘The Camp,’ Matt and guest host Danny Cunningham recap the Maryland game, talk about the homecoming festivities, the defense that continued to shine and more.

5:33 — Is it time that Jonathan Taylor gets Heisman Trophy consideration?

9:50 — Does pressure on the team start to build as the wins pile up?

17:38 — Why is Wisconsin’s defense so good when put in tough situations?

21:46 — Matt’s short time with the Detroit Lions underscored the difference between college and pro

24:42 — The time former UW LB Mark Zalewski needed to be carried out of the KK

30:14 — Several former players were VERY interested in the final FG that allowed Wisconsin to cover the point spread

34:28 — Wisconsin needs to be 13-0 to make the College Football Playoff

45:25 — Matt goes back to his time as a member of the Badgers and talks about how they got one day off each week that wasn’t really a day off

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The Camp: Oct. 16, 2017

On this week’s podcast, Matt and special guest host, Ebo, recap the Badgers win over Purdue, whether the defense and run game is enough to get Wisconsin to the College Football Playoff and the remarkable play of running back Jonathan Taylor.

4:17 — A win is a win after seeing so many other top teams fall

12:28 — OLB Leon Jacobs and the defense are amazing

15:07 — The time Bernie decided not to try and tackle a guy after an INT

18:06 — The defense bailed out the offense — has been that way a lot this year

22:41 — Can the defense, with a strong running game, lead Wisconsin to the playoff?

32:47 — Bernie on hanging out with the College GameDay crew at Wando’s back in the day

34:49 — The time former Wisconsin LB Mark Zalewski called out Kirk Herbstreit to his face

40:33 — Does Wisconsin’s play match their top-5 ranking?

47:04 — The coach Bernie respects but never wants to see again

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The Camp: Oct. 9, 2017

On this week’s episode, Matt and Zach recap the Badgers win at Nebraska, the chances Wisconsin will go unbeaten in the regular season, the greatness of Jonathan Taylor and more.

8:38 — Nebraska was the Badgers toughest road game left

10:29 — National awards for Jonathan Taylor?

17:07 — Will Wisconsin go 12-0 in the regular season?

21:20 — Bernstein on the coldest he’s ever been on the sideline

23:56 — Surprised that fans are 50-50 in terms of the Badgers going 12-0?

27:37 — Watching the Wisconsin game at a wedding

30:43 — Wisconsin’s loss in the national title game cost Bernstein a woman

32:17 — Donovan and Dominic Raiola loved messing with opposing fans

34:36 — Where would Wisconsin’s offense be without Jonathan Taylor?

40:10 — WTF was with all those shots of Tanner Lee’s parents?

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The Camp: Oct. 2, 2017

On this week’s podcast, Matt and Zach recap Wisconsin’s win over Northwestern, Matt’s experience of not being able to eat or drink anything during the day on Saturday, the only time he ignored or talked back to Barry Alvarez and more.

6:34 — The guys give their positive and negative from the win.

15:02 — Is the Big Ten West the Badgers and everyone else?

20:41 — The stupidest play a veteran quarterback has ever made.

25:15 — Coaches treat players that make a mistake differently now than they did back when Matt was playing.

29:20 — “Don’t hit Jimmy Leonhard!”

34:26 — Alex Hornibrook needs to trust what he’s seeing.

38:49 — Is Penn State clearly the best team in the Big Ten?

49:05 — How much did Wisconsin miss Troy Fumagalli?

53:54 — The story of the only time Matt ever talked back and ignored Barry Alvarez in his career.

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The Camp: Sept. 25, 2017

On this week’s episode, Matt and Zach are joined by former Wisconsin quarterback John Stocco to reminisce about some of his biggest games, one of his first interactions with Paul Chryst and why Alex Hornibrook has taken such a big jump in year No. 2 as a starter.

1:05 — The loudest Camp Randall ever got during Stocco’s career

2:55 — Which great finish in ’03, ’04 and ’05 stands out the most for the guys

9:50 — No one likes playing games at Northwestern

11:34 — What Paul Chryst told Stocco when the quarterback asked to watch film with him one time

23:22 — Hornibrook owns the single-game completion record but not the passing efficiency mark — that still belongs to Stocco

25:55 — Why has Hornibrook been so good this year?

33:35 — Best pure athlete that Stocco and Bernie have played with

39:39 — What happens in a pile when there is a fumble

43:25 — Are this year’s Badgers who you thought they would be?

51:05 — The hardest thing about having to watch instead of play

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The Camp: Sept. 18, 2017

On this week’s episode, Matt and Zach recap Wisconsin’s 40-6 win over BYU, including the insane performance from quarterback Alex Hornibrook, the growth of the receiving core, what the bye week was like under former coach Barry Alvarez and answer your Twitter questions.

1:58 to 5:09 — Matt calls himself Hornibrook’s biggest supporter and says he was by far the biggest positive from Saturday’s game.

11:00 to 12:03 — Wisconsin showed they were who we thought they were.

14:15 to 20:00 — Matt compares Quintez Cephus to a rather talented wide receiver he played with at Wisconsin.

25:43 to 30:11 — The time Wisconsin’s bye week landed on Halloween weekend during Matt’s career and the ridiculous costume he wore.

30:48 to end — Twitter questions
1) Can you call out the Hornibrook haters? Oh, and does a bye week this early help or hurt?
2) What adjustments were made to slow the BYU running game?
3) Who deserves more credit for the improved passing game? Hornibrook or the wide receivers?
4) Where does Taiwan Deal slot into the RB depth chart when healthy?
5) Will Hornibrook win more games than Joel Stave’s 31?

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The Camp: Sept. 11, 2017

On this week’s episode, Matt and Zach look back at the Florida Atlantic game, assess quarterback Alex Hornibrook’s play through the first two games for Wisconsin, talk about Matt’s favorite road trips and answer your Twitter questions.

1:14 to 3:00 — “Positives? What positives” — Bernie (kind of )

7:15 to 8:09 — Expectations have fans looking at this team differently when they “only” win by 17 points.

10:49 to 14:38 — Fourth-and-short, and third-and-short should be automatic for Wisconsin.

16:02 to 18:45 — Thanks to Aaron Rodgers, fans in Wisconsin have lost the ability to fairly judge QBs.

24:25 to 29:07 — Bernie tells the story of Dontez Sanders nearly starting a brawl before the Wisconsin-Ohio State in 2004.

32:41 to end — Twitter questions

1) Do the Badgers deserve to be ranked in the top 10 right now?
2) Aside from a few guys, it seems like several vets aren’t playing loose. Are preseason expectations to blame?
3) Wisconsin is a run first team. When forced to pass, winning games is going to be tough. Agree?
4) Why has Wisconsin felt more conservative this season on defense?
5) Why are the offensive and defensive lines struggling?
6) Has Wisconsin’s offensive play-calling been vanilla?


The Camp: Sept. 4, 2017

Following Wisconsin’s 59-10 victory over Utah State, Matt and Zach give their positives and negatives, talk about the excitement around the young players, including running back Jonathan Taylor, and answer your Twitter questions.

:55 to 2:48 — The guys give their positives from the Utah State game.

2:48 to 5:24 — Slow start, early OL play among the negatives from the game.

12:15 to 15:38 — The targeting rule in college football: Good intentions, horrible execution.

16:46 to 19:32 — Leon Jacobs…do you even work out?

19:37 to 22:30 — Jonathan Taylor is a beast

23:55 to 26:33 — Wisconsin’s TEs give Paul Chryst a lot of options

26:42 to 28:30 — So, yeah, Quintez Cephus has strong hands.

Twitter questions

1) Does Jonathan Taylor move ahead of Chris James at RB?
2) Any explanation for the slow start along the OL?
3) Which offense is Wisconsin? The first 20 minutes of the game or the final 40?
4) What does burning Jack Coan’s redshirt mean for this year?
5) Can Alex Hornibrook be the best pro-style QB in the Big Ten?