The Camp: Dec. 4, 2017

Wisconsin-Wisconsin football-Notre Dame-camp
Wisconsin-Wisconsin football-Notre Dame-camp

In the final episode of “The Camp” for 2017, Matt and Zach rehash the disappointing loss to Ohio State, talk about Bernie’s crazy bowl experiences, look ahead to 2018 and more.

5:55 — Wisconsin came up just short in what could have been a program-changing victory.

12:03 — Bernie thinks the game could have gone completely different if Wisconsin didn’t turn the ball over on its first drive.

16:38 — The starting point of three hilarious stories from Bernie’s bowl trips, including the time one of his teammates got tased.

27:50 — Will there — or should there — be an open competition at quarterback in 2018?

32:17 — Filling all the potential holes on defense next season

38:00 — Expanding the College Football Playoff after the Big Ten champ didn’t get in for a second straight season.

42:53 — What are the chances that Wisconsin will ever be able to consistently attract 4- and 5-star recruits? What’s keeping them from doing it?

54:07 — Bernie’s answers the following Twitter question:

“If your future wife was a Madison bar, which bar would she be?”