The Camp: Nov. 27, 2017

Wisconsin-Wisconsin football-Notre Dame-camp
Wisconsin-Wisconsin football-Notre Dame-camp

On this week’s episode of “The Camp,” Matt and Zach recap the whipping of Minnesota, the challenge Ohio State presents in the Big Ten title game, debate whether the 2017 team is the best of the five to play for a championship, Bernie’s memories of the 2003 Ohio State upset and more.

3:28 — Oh, you bet Matt was excited about that fullback sweep by Austin Ramesh

8:11 — Alex Hornibrook is playing his best football when it matters most

11:12 — It was not a good day for the ABC crew broadcasting the game (Troy Fumagalli only has eight fingers?)

13:14 — Bernie is so glad social media/cell phone cameras were not around when he was in school

24:02 — Is the 2017 team the best Wisconsin team to play in a Big Ten title game?

34:30 — Best matchup for Wisconsin if it makes the playoff? Oklahoma, Clemson, Auburn/Georgia?

39:03 — Looking back at the 2003 upset win over Ohio State

40:47 — Bernie was not a fan of 11 a.m. games or night games — he explains why

46:09 — “I’m nervous, but I’m confident.” — Bernie on the Big Ten title game