The Camp: Nov. 20, 2017

Wisconsin-Wisconsin football-Notre Dame-camp
Wisconsin-Wisconsin football-Notre Dame-camp

On this week’s episode of “The Camp,” Matt, along with guest host Ebo, look back at the Badgers win over Michigan, what it means for their College Football Playoff hopes, the upcoming battle for Paul Bunyan’s Axe and more.

1:36 — Bernie was sitting next to Michigan fans the whole game…things got heated.

10:01 — Defensive domination once again from the Badgers

15:17 — What’s it like to lose the Axe? What’s it like to get it back?

24:30 — What kind of Minnesota team will Wisconsin see? Nebraska version or Northwestern version?

27:00 — Wisconsin is in the playoff if they go 13-0

32:01 — Former center Donovan Raiola had no sympathy for Michigan QB Brandon Peters

39:04 — Bernie’s ridiculous family during Thanksgiving

43:57 — Michigan win was by far the most satisfying to this point