The Camp: Aug. 3, 2018

Wisconsin-Wisconsin football-Notre Dame-camp
Wisconsin-Wisconsin football-Notre Dame-camp

On this episode of “The Camp,” Zach is joined by The Athletic’s Jesse Temple for the first segment, while we’ve also got an interview with offensive coordinator Joe Rudolph and answers to your Twitter questions.

1:35 — Alex Hornibrook’s interceptions overshadowed the high level of success he had in 2017

7:20 — What’s a reasonable stat line for Hornibrook this year?

11:26 — Impressions on the first few days of camp

17:50 — Impact of the new redshirt rule

21:40 — OC Joe Rudolph interview on the 1993 Big Ten title team, Patrick Kasl giving up football, the move of Jon Dietzen to LT, losing some of his depth and the new redshirt rule

35:31 — Twitter questions
1) Who do you see winning the No. 2 CB job?
2) How difficult will it be for Kayden Lyles to move to DE?
3) Why didn’t the coaches try Jon Dietzen at LT last year?
4) Which true freshman are most likely not to redshirt?
5) Are they going to add more OL to the DL for depth?
6) Who of the true freshmen is standing out?