The Ahman Green Show: 10/5/18

Joe & Ebo are joined by Ahman Green from 7:30a to 8:00a every Friday to discuss the Green Bay Packers. He will be sharing his insight on the Green and Gold by helping breakdown games from the point of view of a former player.


Segment 1: Ahman breaks down last week’s Packers/Bills game. (0:00)

Segment 2: How spreading the ball out/rotating running backs makes the Packers better. (3:10)

Segment 3: Ahman gives his thoughts on Rodgers’ comments and Packers fans. (14:05)

Segment 4: RJ joins the show to help Ahman breakdown the Wisconsin/Nebraska game. (18:58)

Segment 5: The two help explain the Wisconsin/Nebraska rivalry. (21:26)