The Joe & Ebo Experience: What’s Rodgers Deal

MADISON| Advances in modern science should be able to allow Aaron Rodgers play for the Packers forever. Yeah, I said it.

So, the Packers have the best quarterback in the game, but he’s not paid like the best quarterback in the game. We talk about the length of Rodgers’ career and what’s to be done with his contract. Oh, and seriously, why hasn’t science been able to come up with something to make football players indestructible? *puts on tinfoil hat* Well, maybe they probably have, but Roger Goodell won’t allow it in the league. Come on, Rog!

Also on the show we talk to probably the funniest/most bad-ass golfer on the planet, Esteban Toledo, who gives some great golf advice to Joe and we try and compare Brett Favre and Derek Jeter as they get ready to golf in Wisconsin.

Today on the Joe & Ebo Experience:

What’s Rodgers Deal (0:00)

Contracts, Diets, Routines (9:24)

Esteban Toledo Kicks Ass (16:18)

Popularity Contest (25:39)

Scoot N’ Hoot (32:21)

A King vs. Warriors (41:21)

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