The Joe & Ebo Experience: a total eclipse of expectations

While Ebo begins his well-deserved vacation, Joe once again hits the links. This time he was at Blackhawk Country Club for the Ronald McDonald House fundraiser. In the meantime:

0:00 — The Brewers show their might on the road trip
5:30 — No more “no more Brewers bets”
9:10 — Is Joe or Ebo responsible for Milwaukee’s success?
12:34 — RJ Brachman breaks down expectations from UW football
23:05 — Taysom Hill’s preseason worries Joe
29:58 — News of the Weird: Solar Eclipse Edition
34:04 — Evaluating the Packers’ priorities
41:14 — Ronald McDonald House executive director Kevin Hiddleston
46:52 — Ronald McDonald House board member Jerry Brown
49:53 — Executive director of sales Mike Weber