Breaking down Wisconsin’s incoming recruits with assistant Alando Tucker

Wisconsin basketball will welcome six new players to campus (hopefully) later this month as the school gradually allows student-athletes to return. Assistant coach Alando Tucker recently appeared on The Swing podcast and was asked for a quick snippet on the newcomers:

Ben Carlson (F)
6-foot-9, 205-pounds
Woodbury, Minn.

“This dude, his IQ is off the charts. Knowing the game and already has the physical ability. He’s going to be a force to be reckoned with just as he continues to build out. I’m super excited about having him here because of where his body is, and his mind matches his physique at this stage in his career.”

Johnny Davis (G)
6-foot-4, 185-pounds
La Crosse, Wis.

“Athletic. Does a little bit of everything. On the high school level, a go-to guy. You get him the ball and say get out of his way and he can get things done. He has an edge and a demeanor about himself that sets him apart.”

Lorne Bowman (PG)
6-foot-2, 180-pounds
Detroit, Mich.

“Gritty, tough-nosed guard that knows the game from the point guard position. He’s a leader. You can see he commands respect when he’s on the court from not only his teammates but he commands respect from his opponents. Understands how to play the game, tough-nosed, has that grit and edge to him that’s needed here at Wisconsin.”

Steven Crowl (C)
6-foot-9, 210-pounds
Eagan, Minn.

“Lights out shooter. … Who excels at Wisconsin? Bigs that can get out and stroke it, understand the game from that level and has that characteristic about their game. He has game in the post that gets overshadowed and overlooked. When you look at the history at Wisconsin — the Nate Reuvers’, the Brian Butch’s, the Frank Kaminsky’s — he falls right in that echelon.”

Jordan Davis (G)
6-foot-4, 185-pounds
La Crosse, Wis.

“The unique aspect of what we’re getting is he’s bred from the same Davis family (as Johnny). You get him coming in with that same grit, same edge. He can shoot it, do a little bit of (everything). Again, he has that same passion and desire because he’s under the same household. Him and Johnny have had to compete every day since they were born. At the same time, it’s a healthy competition that pushed each one of them to be good. When you see Johnny, you’re seeing Jordan.”

Carter Gilmore (F)
6-foot-7, 200-pounds
Hartland, Wis.

“That right there in itself says who he is. He turned down scholarships to walk-on to a program when he could have went and played (elsewhere). But this kid, do not mistake him because he doesn’t have a scholarship under his name right now when he walks onto campus. This kid has shown on the high school level his capabilities and how good he is. He’s going to be a guy that is respected. I don’t think you’re going to look at him like a normal walk-on. This kid had scholarship offers at multiple universities. That speaks in itself to who he is as an athlete and what he can do.”