Bucks re-open practice facility to players

The Milwaukee Bucks are getting back together…kind of.

Roughly two months since the team was last on the court together, the organization is re-opening its facilities to players.

Beginning last Friday, the NBA started to allow teams where stay at home orders due to COVID-19 were being relaxed to re-open their facilities. Only a select few, including Cleveland and Portland, opened up on Friday.

Many others are following city and state guidelines that have yet to allow for reopening. Seemingly, that was to include Milwaukee, seeing as Wisconsin’s Safer at Home order is in place until May 26. Instead, the team, in consultation with the NBA, has opened its facility in a limited nature.

The NBA did put restrictions in place for teams that reopen:

— No more than four players would be permitted in a facility at one time
— No group work, including no practices or scrimmages
— Players still can’t use non-team facilities like athletic clubs, fitness centers, or gyms

It remains unclear when, or if, the NBA will resume its season. Commissioner Adam Silver held a call with representatives from each team last Friday. He reportedly told them that a decision on whether to return would not have to be made in May or even the early part of June.