Budenholzer: (WNBA) players are incredibly important, incredibly talented

Today the WNBA and the WNBA’s Player’s Association announced that they’ve come to terms on a collective bargaining agreement effective through the next eight seasons.

Terms of the ground breaking agreement include increased pay for players, improved child care and maternity leave benefits, increased mental health resources, among other aspects such as revenue sharing and in-season bonuses.

Although Milwaukee doesn’t have a team (yet) head coach of the Bucks, Mike Budenholzer, has coached in Atlanta, an NBA city that was also home to a WNBA franchise, the Dream.

Before his team took the floor against the New York Knicks, Budenholzer was asked about the profound impact the WNBA has had on the popularity and accessibility of basketball.

“Any time the WNBA can take a step forward, their players are incredibly important, incredibly talented. They’re exciting to watch,” he said. “I think if they’re being rewarded and taking steps forward, I think that’s a huge positive.

“I think what (the late) David Stern has done with the WNBA and growing the sport, it’s for men and women. It’s for all the boys and girls that are growing up in grade schools and parks and wanting to play and watch our game and participate in it. I think it’s a great thing. I hope the league does well and anything they can do to advance it is a good thing.”

See the announcement from a live segment on Good Morning America.