LaFleuer on quick post-game handshake: ‘It is what it is’

The quick post-game handshake between head coaches Matt LaFleur and Mike Zimmer on Monday night after Green Bay beat Minnesota raised a lot of eyebrows and ended up going viral.

Asked about it on Thursday, though, the Packers head coach said it wasn’t something he had really thought about.

“It is what it is,” LaFleur said. “It’s a competitive game. I’ll leave it at that.”

LaFleur and Zimmer had a similar interaction after the first game between the two teams, which was also a win for the Packers.

Former Packers guard T.J. Lang took issue with Zimmer’s actions.

We may get a third post-game handshake in the postseason. If the Packers lose to the Lions on Sunday, they’d host the Vikings in the first round of the playoffs next weekend.