Every team needs a Robin Lopez

Creative. Witty. Wise. Clever.

Those are the adjectives used to describe students sorted to the ‘House of Ravenclaw’ at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the acclaimed Harry Potter book and movie series.

With those characteristics in mind, it really was no surprise that Milwaukee Bucks center Robin Lopez walked out of the locker room at Fiserv Forum wearing a Ravenclaw Quidditch Letterman Jacket.

Unsure of what broomstick model would be required to support a seven-footer, nevertheless the Eagles would undoubtedly be lucky to have Lopez on their squad.

Just 21 games into his first season in Milwaukee, the Bucks are certainly glad he joined their “house” as a free agent this summer. More importantly, he continues to display those defining traits on and off the court.


The Bucks know how to celebrate a big time play. When Giannis Antetokounmpo dunks on someone, he “mean mugs” the crowd. If Wesley Matthew hits a three he becomes an archer and shoots an arrow at Milwaukee’s bench.

Lopez steeps a tea bag and sips from an imaginary cup.

He could have changed his celebration to fully embrace Wisconsin culture and run down court chugging an invisible beer, but instead he remains true to himself, holding the tea cup with two classy fingers, warming up on a cold winter’s night.

It also takes a lot to choreograph a scene from Smackdown during your team’s pregame huddle, but Lopez managed to take part in a little Wrestlemania with his new teammates.



“They’re somewhat skittish. You have to take your time. Be some what of a deer whisperer.”

Before the season even started, Lopez was asked about befriending Bucks’ mascot Bango.

Thinking on his feet, in front of cameras, Lopez didn’t skip a beat, and broke down his approach to his newest furry friend.

The two didn’t have a great history, but Milwaukee is sure glad they made up.


If you were playing pick-up ball and saw Lopez breakout his moves, you’d probably call it an “old man game.”

However, little known fact, the “old men” on the court are always full of basketball priceless basketball wisdom.

There’s nothing flashy about his approach. He rebounds, contests shots at the rim, plays tough defense and when he gets the ball on the block, everyone knows that his patented mini-hook shot is coming soon.

That’s always been his approach. And it works.

Off-the-court, Lopez doesn’t shy away from talking about his love of reading, especially comic books. Early in his career, he presented Marvel creator Stan Lee with a custom Portland Trailblazers jersey during Comic Con in Portland.

At this point it’s probably redundant to remind everyone that he and Brook both attended college at Stanford.


Lopez once went four full seasons where he didn’t attempt a three-point shot. Before arriving in Milwaukee, he only “let it fly” 51 times from beyond the arc, and 31 of those came last year while he played for the Chicago Bulls.

This season he is 11-of-33 from deep and doesn’t hesitate to shoot, especially when he catches a clean pass in the corner.

Next level creativity to dupe opponents for 11 years, making them think he couldn’t hit from that distance. Ironically, Brook did the exact same thing. He didn’t even attempt a three for the first six years of his career, then last season, his first in Milwaukee, he took over 500 of them.

Robin also has a future career in Hollywood, he definitely makes some very entertaining promotional videos, involving mascot feuds of course.