The Camp: Oct. 7, 2019

On this week’s episode of The Camp, Zach Heilprin and Jesse Temple talk about what they learned from the game, hear Jesse’s takeaways from spending time behind the scenes with Kent State, one of them offers an apology to Melvin Gordon and more. 

5:48 — Inside the Kent State locker room 

13:45 — One thing Jesse left out of his Kent State story 

17:41 — Sold or Not Sold

1) Wisconsin’s defense is the best in the country. 

2) If Michigan State stops Jonathan Taylor, Jack Coan can beat them with his arm.

3) Jonathan Taylor will break Montee Ball’s all-time single-season touchdown record (39).

4) Outside of Ohio State, Michigan State is the toughest game left on Wisconsin’s schedule. 

31:15 — Best audio from the post-game media session 

36:15 — Twitter questions