Aaron Rodgers: Bring the noise, leave the wave

The wave has been going on at football and baseball stadiums for decades but Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers believes there is a time and place for it, and it’s not when he’s trying to move the ball against an NFL defense.

Speaking at his locker in advance of Sunday’s early season matchup with Minnesota, the veteran had a simple request for the fans that will be at Lambeau Field this week.

“My only ask is we don’t do the wave when we’re on offense,” Rodgers said Wednesday. “Other than that, be as loud as you want from the start.”

The Packers have been toying with ideas to make their home more intimidating for opposing teams. In the preseason, that included a fog horn on third downs and the stadium lights flashing on and off after a score. This week, the team sent out a press release with several other additions, including recorded videos with players urging fans to get up and cheer.

“Hopefully, nobody says sit down to anybody,” Rodgers said. “I’ve heard that from time to time. Somebody is standing up and somebody else tells them to sit down. But we’d love for everybody to get up and be as loud as possible from the start. We need it.”

Packers coach Matt LaFleur was asked about it as well and he pointed to last week’s game at Soldier Field as something to strive for.

“Anybody that was there last week in Chicago could feel that. You could feel that from pregame. It felt like it had a playoff-type feel to it. The fans were into it,” LaFleur said. “We know that type of environment is challenging on offenses. That’s what we want to get here. We want our fans to stand up and get loud and really support our players.”

Green Bay went 5-2-1 at home a year ago and 4-4 the previous year.

“We’ve been rolling here over the years in stretches and it’s a tough place to play, especially late in the season and the playoffs when you’ve got the temperature and the crowd going. We’d like to start that,” Rodgers said. “We’ve got a great home field advantage, great fan base, (so) the louder the better.”