Rodgers on joint practices: “I’m glad it’s over”

The Green Bay Packers and Houston Texans practiced together on Monday and Tuesday at Ray Nitschke Field in Green Bay. The two teams will face off in their first preseason game on Thursday.

One Packer is especially happy the practices are over. QB Aaron Rodgers made it clear that he isn’t a fan.


“I’m glad it’s over,” Rodgers said. So we can get on to the rest of training camp…I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t do it for another 14 years.” The last time Green Bay held a joint practice was during Rodgers’ rookie season in 2005.

Rodgers highlighted the increased possibility of injury and the lack of diversity of plays and schemes. The Packers aren’t going to show much to another team in early August. Rodgers believes that takes away much of the value practicing against another team. Green Bay can run whatever they want during normal practices.

“The tough part is, they’re not trying to show a whole lot, we’re not trying to show a whole lot,” Rodgers said. “The physicality is a good thing, Going against someone else is a good thing. But schematically, there wasn’t a lot shown.”

Head coach Matt LaFleur kept it very simple over the two days. Rodgers does like LaFleur’s scheme but he didn’t have the chance to run the full scheme against the Texans.

As for the frustration with injuries, Rodgers has a point. Trevor Davis and Jace Sternberger were both hurt in Monday’s practice. Both players took hits from Texans’ rookie Lonnie Johnson. Johnson was held out of Tuesday’s practice.

One thing LaFleur disagrees with Rodgers on is the value of joint practices. LaFleur likes them. Before Rodgers shared his thoughts on the matter, LaFleur said “absolutely 100 percent I want to do this again.”

We’ll see if the Packers hold another joint practice in the future. For now though, Rodgers and LaFleur are both happy to move forward and dive into all the schemes.