Packers star QB Aaron Rodgers has signature animation in ‘Madden NFL 20’

If you’re a fan of football and video games, you’ve probably played Madden. Each year, Madden adds something different to their franchise. From the ‘Truck Stick’ to ‘QB Vision’ to the “Hit Stick” | They’ve had a lot of creative ideas. For ‘Madden 20’ it’s all about the signature animation for superstar players.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is on the list of course. According to a recently released gameplay reveal from EA Sports, his signature animation will be throwing on the run | an expert at doing that.

Other players that have signature animations include Patrick Mahomes, Alvin Kamara and Drew Brees.

Rodgers didn’t seem like himself, especially outside the pocket, last season. But, he’s still one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the NFL. Now, he returns healthy and with a new offensive-minded head coach in Matt LaFleur. We could see a lot of Rodgers on the run | In the game and in real life.