Packers’ president Mark Murphy responds to Bleacher Report article

Mark Murphy is the latest person to take issue with the article that Aaron Rodgers called a “smear attack.”

Speaking during the annual Packers Tailgate Tour, the team president told Scott Emerich of WXOW in La Crosse that the Bleacher Report story that detailed the failings of Rodgers, former coach Mike McCarthy and jut the general dysfunction within the organization was not reality.


“It’s all in the past,” Murphy said. “A lot of half truths and a lot of stuff just made up.”

Murphy said that includes the part in the story that claims he told the quarterback, when the team hired new coach Matt LaFleur, not to “be the problem.”

“The conversation that allegedly took place between Aaron and I was completely false,” Murphy said.

Murphy also questioned the logic of the story.

“If things were as bad as that article implied, we never would’ve won a Super Bowl,” he said. “We never would’ve gone to eight-straight playoffs.”

The story, and Rodgers’ blistering response earlier this week, has been a headline story in Wisconsin and around the country. It was again on Wednesday when players met with the media for the first time this offseason. While Rodgers reiterated his past comments, more teammates came to his defense.

“I think you’ve heard from all the people who are relevant at this point and actually matter, which are the people who play with him, played with him recently and have those good relationships with him,” wide receiver Davante Adams said. “I think it’s been pretty uniform as far as we feel about him.

“All the negative things I’ve heard, I share none of those feelings with those guys.”