Wisconsin coach Greg Gard says questionable play involving Brad Davison wasn’t malicious

Wisconsin coach Greg Gard said guard Brad Davison did nothing malicious in a video that went viral after the Badgers beat Minnesota 56-51 Wednesday night.

The clip appears to show Davison moving his foot under Minnesota’s Jordan Murphy as the latter went up for a rebound early in the game. No foul was called, but the Gophers, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, contacted the Big Ten on Thursday to determine whether one should have been.


Gard was asked about the play right after the game but said he hadn’t seen it live. When it was brought up again on Friday, the fourth-year coach made it clear he didn’t view the play as dirty.

“We don’t teach to that mode and I know (Davison) doesn’t have any of that intent with him,” Gard said. “He just plays the game extremely hard.”

Davison has drawn the ire of fans from other teams in his first two seasons with his style of play, including his willingness to throw his body around with little regard for his safety. But Gard doesn’t buy the idea that he would do something that could potentially hurt another player.

“Brad plays the game extremely hard,” Gard reiterated. “…I’ve never seen [any player in the Big Ten] try to do something to intentionally injure somebody or violate the spirit or the integrity of the game.”