Four Brewers named finalists for Gold Glove Award

Four Milwaukee Brewers are finalists for one of the more prestigious awards that Major League Baseball gives out.

MLB announced the finalists for Gold Glove Awards in both leagues on Thursday afternoon. The award honors the best defensive player at each position with voting done by manager and coaches. And they were apparently impressed with Milwaukee, as catcher Manny Pina, third baseman Travis Shaw, right fielder Christian Yelich and center fielder Lorenzo Cain all making the cut.


There were three finalists at each position, though most experts believe that only Yelich and Cain have a shot to win at their respective spots. Pina plays at a loaded position where Yadier Molina of the St. Louis Cardinals is likely to claim the award, while Shaw is an underdog at third base where many expect Colorado Rockies’ standout Nolan Arenado to win.

The winners will be announced Nov. 4.

You can find the full list here: