The Camp: Oct. 8, 2018

On this week’s episode of “The Camp,” Zach and Matt breakdown the win over Nebraska, discuss their biggest concerns in facing Michigan and answer your Twitter questions.

5:25 — What went wrong to allow more than 400 yards through the air?


11:21 — Something needs to change with the targeting foul that keeps guys out the following week.

19:58 — Wisconsin’s injury situation is far from ideal heading into its toughest game of the year.

25:00 — Jonathan Taylor is on pace to run for close to 2,300 yards…will he? Should Taiwan Deal get a few more carries?

33:18 — Nebraska fans are upset about what Paul Chryst got caught saying after one of Wisconsin’s touchdowns.

38:26 — Why is Wisconsin punting from Nebraska’s 35-yard line?

45:50 — Twitter question: Is there anyone out there that still thinks Wisconsin is a playoff caliber team?