No decision yet for Wisconsin’s Ethan Happ

Ethan Happ still hasn’t made a decision on whether to keep his name in for the 2018 NBA Draft or to return to Wisconsin for his senior year.

Speaking following a workout with the Detroit Pistons on Thursday, Happ told reporters he’s still got at least one more workout before next week’s deadline.


“I have Golden State coming up,” said Happ, according to the Detroit News. “Then I might fit a team in on the 29th or might just call it and start making a decision whether to [withdraw] or keep my name in the draft.”

Happ has until May 30 to make that decision. Because he hasn’t hired an agent, he’s eligible to come back to Madison for his final year.

Right after the season, Happ said he’d have to be a first-round pick to keep his name in, though he’s wavered a bit on that, telling the Wisconsin State Journal’s Jim Polzin that he’d have a tough decision to make if he was told he’d be an early second-round pick. Based on most mock drafts, that doesn’t appear likely.

Still, when asked Thursday about going back to school, Happ maintained that it’s still up in the air considering where some of the team’s he’s worked out with, including the Pistons, sit in the second round.

“Detroit’s got a great pick (No. 42 overall). I thought I had a good workout. There’s obviously a lot of other good candidates,” Happ said. “There are no guarantees, obviously, in this draft business, but I definitely am keeping the option open of going back to school.”