NFL Scouting Combine participants asked interesting questions

Indianapolis – The NFL Scouting Combine is the marque event of the offseason before the draft in late April. Teams have the opportunity to watch players participate in on-field workouts, medical evaluations, and meet – both formally and informally – with teams.

The on-field workouts may draw the most enjoyment from fans watching on television, but the meetings that teams can take with prospects are vitally important. With that being said, there are some bizarre things that prospects are asked while in these meetings.


For the most part, the questions that players are asked make sense from either a life or football standpoint. Other times, that cannot be said. Over the past few years some prospects have talked about the crazier questions that they’ve been asked.

The range of interesting questions can move from being asked about a driver’s license to being tested about how long one can keep their eyes open without blinking, with some wild stuff in between.

Miami wide receiver Braxton Berrios was asked by a team to first explain what Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, is. He was then asked by the same team to explain Isis. How those things determine whether or not Berrios is worth having on a team has yet to be explained.

The question about the driver’s license was asked to Wisconsin linebacker Leon Jacobs. He added most questions he got were relatively football centric.

One the six former teammates of Jacobs at Wisconsin, Garret Dooley, had a little bit of a different experience.

“I’ve been asked rather I’d be a cat or a dog,” Dooley said. “Personally, I’d like to be a dog. I feel like more people like them. Usually people don’t throw dogs out in the rain, sometimes people get mad at a cat and people just toss them outside.”

Corner Nick Nelson said a team asked him what the worst thing he every did that he didn’t get caught for was as the interview turned investigative.

“I said it was fighting with my cousin and my grandma didn’t find out. We were young.”

Safety Natrell Jamerson also had an interesting question asked of him. In an interview, Jamerson said a team stopped him mid-sentence and asked if he was afraid of clowns.

He wasn’t.

While Dooley, Jamerson, Nelson, and Jacobs each had something interesting, their teammate Jack Cichy couldn’t say the same.

“Honestly, I haven’t had too many crazy questions,” Cichy said. “I haven’t had any red flags throughout my college career off the field. That hasn’t really prompted any funky questions. Most of the questions have just been home life and also some of my thoughts on football schemes and what I think of myself as far as a football player goes. As far as that goes, it’s been pretty straight forward.”

Cichy was one of the few able to say that. Notre Dame wide receiver Equanimeous St. Brown was the prospect asked by a team to keep his eyes open as long as possible.

“A team asked me how long I could keep my eyes open for. They timed me on it, I think I got like 15 seconds,” St. Brown said.
UCF’s Shaquem Griffin stole the show at the combine, and he also had one of the more interesting questions asked to him in an interview with a team.

“I think one question was something about a cat and a lion. How does a cat and a lion – not a cat – a dog and a lion relate?” Griffin said. “I said roar. That’s all I had. I had no idea, I was confused. I guess they both roar or bark, or however you want to put it. I think it’s the same thing to me.”

The dog and the lion question is interesting, undoubtedly. With that being said, UTSA defensive lineman Marcus Davenport may have had the most interesting question asked to him by a team.

“If I was a fruit, what fruit would I be?” Davenport said was the strangest thing he’s been asked.

“I said an apple. Hey, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I have to be healthy.”