Former Packers TE Martellus Bennett tells his story

Martellus Bennett has spoken.

The now former Green Bay Packers tight end took to Instagram Friday afternoon to tell his side of a story that concluded with him being cut by the team with a failure to disclose a physical condition designation and ending back up with the New England Patriots.


Here’s all of his posts transcribed (some grammar and punctuation edited):

“The Packers examined my shoulder on my [free agent] visit March 10 and cleared it. They even gave me an x-ray as well.

“It [got] worse during the season, specifically against the Cowboys, so I asked to have it check and we checked it. After a few days of contemplating to play with it or get surgery, I chose surgery. Now we are here.

“They tried to (expletive) over me. [Team doctor Pat] McKenzie trying to cover his own (expletive) after trying to persuade me to play thru a major injury and me choosing to get surgery. They have access to all my medical records. My shoulder wasn’t where it is now at the beginning of the season. I (expletive) it up playing for the Packers.

“Dr. McKenzie didn’t make [me] feel safe and was pushing to play, which I thought was weird. Not that he was trying to get me to play through it, but the way he was saying things. I didn’t trust him. So I got three other opinions from doctors who all said I need to get it fixed. So I decided to do that. And they decided to waive me with some (expletive) excuse. Failure [to] disclose.

“Every week we do a body evaluation sheet in the weight [room] and pretty much every week I circled my shoulder. I just kept playing but it got worse.

“During the bye week I got off anti-inflammatories to clean my system and could really feel the pain. So I asked to examine it the first day back in. And that’s when we found out it was really (expletive) up.

“They knew. They panicked. Thinking that I was trying to go on IR and be on their books next year. When I mentioned that I would possibly retire. So they tried to (expletive) me before they thought I would (expletive) them. This was all about money. All about money. I get it. But don’t lie homie. You knew [what] was up.

“I had intentions of playing all eight games, as I mentioned in the post during the bye week, but found out it was worse that I felt after getting it checked out. Now, I’m like (expletive) it.

“I chose my health over the “team.” They chose money over me.