Brewers new Spring Training Park now in doubt

The Milwaukee Brewers proposed the idea of opening a new Spring Training stadium in Gilbert, Arizona. It would be about 35 miles from their current facilities in Phoenix, Arizona. The new proposed facilities which included the baseball stadium, hotels, and retail areas were estimated to cost about 160 million in total.

It will cost approximately 90 million for the new stadium and the Brewers organization is offering to put up 20 million towards it. The hotel and retail area cost the additional 70 million, which the Brewers haven’t offered to pay any of.


A report has come out from Barry Petchesky, an author for, and it mentions how The Arizona Republic, a newspaper publisher, who dug into the Applied Economics report, which city council and lawmakers buried in order for the taxpayers to fund the other 140 million for the entire area. The report cited that the new project would actually lose the city money.

This is why the developers of the proposal are now insisting on how the plan has way more opportunities for the city to bring in money. The Applied Economics report was buried in favor of another report, which showed the proposed stadium in a better light. The team could have potentially been hoping that the municipalities wouldn’t look into the financial reports, and take the developer’s proposal on the estimated yearly revenue on their word.

Ultimately, the original study ¬†was buried by lawmakers because it didn’t return the type of result that they were hoping for. ¬†Thanks to The Arizona Republic, the stadium proposal is now in question. The stadium would lose the city of Gilbert money and now has become the conversation of a stadium scam. This isn’t a good look for the Brewers organization.