Ted Thompson “Good to Go”

GREEN BAY | Packers general manager Ted Thompson insists he is “good to go” as he starts his 13th season as Green Bay’s GM.

Thompson’s contract with the Packers expires at the end of the 2018 season which has led some to believe he might be mulling retirement. But if he is he isn’t sharing it publicly.


Thompson has always kept his feelings extremely close to the vest, so it was no surprise when he was asked about his future Wednesday he provided very few details.

“I don’t constantly evaluate it,” Thompson said, “and I don’t know.”

Thompson, who turns 65 in January, is among the NFL’s oldest and longest-tenured general managers. Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys owner and GM, turns 75 years old in October. New England Patriots coach and GM Bill Belichick turned 65 years old in April.

“I think I’m good to go,” Thompson said. “I think sometimes as you get older, and having played – not that playing football is harmful to you – there are a few places where I limp a little more than I used to, and that sort of thing. But otherwise, I feel good.”