Brewers’ Davies: “Winning is NOT the ultimate goal”

MARYVALE, ARIZONA | I have to admit I was surprised when Brewers SP Zach Davies’ told me..

OK so he admits the Brewers goal this season is not to win. They’re most likely not going to contend for a trip to the World Series.


However Davies understands the Brewers fans’ perspective. He knows they want to see a winner sooner rather than later

Hey, let’s be honest. You didn’t really think the Brewers were going to win it all this year did you? I’m actually fine with one of the teams’ cornerstone players telling it like it is. Barring an injury or a complete meltdown, Zach Davies will be in Milwaukee for some time. He’s part of the future. And he has the pulse of the community and Wisconsin.

My advice? Embrace it. Take it for what it is. Because, as Davies told me, eventually the Brewers are going to be a great ballclub. Just not this year.