The Joe & Ebo Show: Maniac Maggie Loves Joe

MADISON | Love is in the air…

As we talked about the Packers and T.J. Lang’s future with the team on the Joe & Ebo Show, our conversation took a very bizarre turn with one caller looking for her true love.


Now, it’s Valentine’s Day, I get it, people either love or hate this “holiday” as they search for someone to love them. Cue Maggie (lovingly tabbed as Maniac Maggie after her call) he thought she had found her soulmate in Joe Miller after a night out drinking.

Take a listen:

Yeah, this woman is crazy. It didn’t end there though.

Maniac Maggie then left a voicemail to the front desk. We were forwarded her message and more craziness ensued.

So. Many. Questions.

Who is Maggie? Is she Joe’s soulmate? What is Joe not telling us? Will Joe and Maggie got to 50 Shades Darker tonight? I MUST KNOW!