Walk-On This Way: A Wisconsin Tradition

Success of UW walk-on tradition is the focus of new book titled Walk-On This Way. Jake Kocorowski, co-author, joined the Joe & Ebo Show to talk on his project. Listen below!



A new book that looks at the success of the University of Wisconsin football walk-on tradition will be hitting area stores October 17.

Walk-On This Way – The Ongoing Legacy of the Wisconsin Football Walk-On Tradition by Joel Nellis and Jake Kocorowski highlights the contributions made by the “undersized, underdeveloped and under recruited” players that have played a vital role in the success of Wisconsin football’s 216 wins and six Rose Bowl appearances since 1990, featuring first person accounts and over 100 interviews with former players and coaches.

“Walk-ons are now a staple of the highly successful UW program,” said co-author Nellis, a former walk-on tight end at UW from 2001-2006. “Former walk-ons like Jim Leonhard, JJ Watt, Mark Tauscher, Ricky Wagner and Chris Maragos have gone on to excel in the NFL – and their stories are certainly highlighted in the book | but many others continue the legacy of making significant contributions to the program while toiling outside of the limelight.  We felt some of their stories needed to be shared with Badger fans as well.”

Walk-On This Way provides Wisconsin fans with the stories of the unheralded and underappreciated players whose love for the game and sacrifice for the good of the team helped build one of the top football programs in the country. The book will be available at all traditional bookstores as well as Bucky’s Locker Room and www.kcisports.com.

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