News Of The Weird: $1 Million Baseball Card Collection Found In Paper Bag

By Beau ‘Ebo’ Thoreson
March 3, 2016 1:35 p.m.
From a crumpled up paper bag in a dilapidated house, a baseball card collection of a lifetime was found.
Most of us had to go through the nightmare of your parents throwing away/selling off in a garage sale your card collection. Rest in peace to my cards of the early ’90s (thanks, Mom). This is not the case in Southern California, where a families grandfather stashed away his prized possesions in his garage.
While cleaning out the garage, they stumbled on paper bag, thrown in a corner, opened it up and found seven Ty Cobb cards worth a staggering amount.
The AP reports:

Card experts in Southern California said Wednesday that they have verified the legitimacy — and seven-figure total value — of seven identical Ty Cobb cards from the printing period of 1909 to 1911. Before the recent find, there were only about 15 known to still exist.


Joe Orlando, the president of Professional Sports Authenticator in Newport Beach, California, who verified the find, said it is “spectacular” and “miraculous” to have come across such a cache.

“I am not sure if any other baseball card find is more remarkable than this new discovery,” Orlando said in a statement.

Wow, unbelievable. Now the question is, what do you do with the cards? Sell them and sit on a mountain of cash or keep them and now you’re just sitting on a mountain of cash.
Personally, I’m keeping the best two and selling the rest of and cashing in. But, hey, I just want some money.
We broke it done this morning on the show, take a listen:

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